Will To Power Dev Blog #4 Networking Library Woes

Hello there...  Soz for the lack of updates, I'm really frustrated as I honestly wanted to post updates each week as a show of good faith to you all so that you can see what I've been up to, but.., I had some issues with Forge.

After I announced that I would be using Forge Remastered, things were going good.  I changed the server browser code over to use Forge and everything was going smoothly, the client was connecting to the master server and the registered servers were showing in the browser upon entering the menu and/or pressing the refresh button, I also setup the connect button so you could join the selected server after pressing it.  After I got to this point I started working on the player spawning system and this is where I started to experience issues with forge.

Upon joining a server your player is spawned using an instantiate command, your player is then supposed to be spawned on other clients and the server, it sounds simple and it's supposed to be but this wasn't the case.  The problem is that the spawned players weren't spawned to other clients that were already connected, not only this, upon joining you are also supposed to see other players already joined to the server, but this never happened either.

After contacting the devs and trying to get support for the issues i was having I only ever got support from one certain member of their discord channel.  I have to say we tried everything to resolve my issues but we could never figure out what was causing the problems, even after I sent him my unity project and code.  I have to say tho I really appreciated the support from NFMynster, he helped me over the course of a couple of weeks and I really appreciated his help.  We literally tried everything.

Since things weren't going to plan and I burned a couple of weeks trying to get things working with Forge, I started to get really pissed off because I wasn't able to post my dev blogs and I was also not making any progress. Inspite of this I have to say, even tho I and some others had issues with Forge, some people have had no problems with it so hopefully in the future they will iron out all the kinks.  However at this point I can't really wait around not making any progress so I decided to go back to Smart Fox 2X.

Smart fox is actually perfect for my needs in terms of it's features, the issues are that the free version has a CCU limit of 100 players and has a pretty hefty license fee.  Because of this users wont be able to host their own servers unfortunately.   For now I'm going to go down this route so I can get my proof of concept going and maybe lateron I will switch to another networking library once a better solution presents itself.

At least now I can get things going faster.

Not much of an update but I thought I should make a post about why there has been a lack of updates.

Hopefully this week I can start to get more done.

Untill the next time...


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