Will To Power Dev Blog #2

Networking… 1 step forward and 2 steps back…

Last week I thought uLink would be a good choice since Rust uses it and Rust is a big influence for Will To Power.  However when it came down to it, uLink has some issues.  Firstly is costs $660.00!!! and secondly it is no longer being updated!!!.  $660 for a library that is no longer being updated is a lot!!!.  Now this wouldn’t be a problem if I could afford a licence because I would be able to access the source code myself and make updates if needed but sadly I don’t have much of a budget for this game as of yet.

After finding out uLink is no longer supported I just thought screw it, I’ll go back to smart fox server but their site was down for some reason.  They also have some pretty hefty license fees aswell and if I want players to be able to host their own servers, the server has to be free.  Otherwise I doubt many people would be able to afford to host the server themselves.

I’ve pretty much at this point tried every networking solution for Unity now, Bolt, Photon, uLink, SmartFoxServer, TNet…

So after getting frustrated I had another look about and found Forge Remastered.  I had heard of Forge before but never really paid it much attention but then I found out that they have made it completely opensource.  It’s on Git so I can get access to the source,  I can also get support and report bugs etc.

Forge Remastered…  Where are we at so far?

So far I’ve managed to get back to the point I was at with uLink pretty much.  We have a master server which is used to populate the server browser in the client.  This is all working now.

What next?

Next I am working on the player spawning system, which I hope to get done before the next Dev Blog so hopefully I can have some players running around the map soon.

That’s all for now.


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