Will To Power Dev Blog #1

Will To Power Update

Firstly I’ve decided to switch back to using Unity.  The reason for this is that although I loved Unreal’s out of the box graphics capabilities,
it’s networking replication is not suitable for my game.  And since there is a lack of good networking libraries I’ve decided to jump back
to using Unity.  It would take a great deal of time for me to code my own networking solution within Unreal.  There is also a lack of up to
date documentation for Unreal and it’s also hard to find out information online for a lot of the advanced stuff.

So I’m back with Unity…  Which is a good thing because I’m much more experienced with Unity.

I’ve also decided to switch from SmartFoxServer to uLink (Which is used by Rust).  Since my game play mechanics would require lot of players per server I thought that SFS would be a better solution, only problem is it wouldn’t have any physics running, therefore I’d have to make a dummy client which ran the physics simulation… This would be a lot of extra work on my part and much more of a piss around.

So I recently looked into uLInk and have found out about pikko server, which allows ulink servers and physics simulations to be spilt up into
different zones allowing more players per game server.  It can also be made authoritive with zero extra work, which makes cheating a lot
harder, somthing which i want to try and avoid as much as possible from the outset.

This makes uLink perfect for WTP and saves a ton of work, so you can expect more progress now in a shorter space of time.

So far I have the uLink master server up and running so for server owners you have the option to register your game server with the master server.  Players can then view the servers in the client and join a game.

I’m currently working on the player spawn screen.  Initially you will spawn at a random position on the map.  Once you have placed a bed down you can spawn there instead.  Additionally settlements will have the option of placing a Tavern building that will allow you to spawn there.  You can then apply for citizenship at a Council Building if you want, this saves you having to die hundreds of times trying to navigate your way to a civilization.


Since getting my game project in steam as an early access title is quite a mission now that greenlight is dead, I’ve instead decided to place the game on Itch.io, you can now view the Will To Power project at Itch.io. If you are on Itch and are interested in WTP, please consider following me on there so I can start building a fanbase ready for when the game is ready to be tested.

Currently there is no build of the game to download but I’m hoping now that WTP is using uLink and I’m back to using Unity things should start to move forward at a faster rate.

Commiting to doing regular Dev Blogs.

From this point onwards I’m going to start releasing regular dev blogs in an attempt to build momentum for
the time when the first build of the game is ready for testing.  Check back every now and again if you are interested in the latest
developements or even better follow WTP on Itch.io.

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