A downloadable game for Windows

First Person – The game is first person only.

MultiPlayer – So far there is only an online version
being developed.  Possibly MMO, need to test the server once more
features are implemented.

Survival – Night & Day Cycles, Seasons, Weather, Health, Stamina, Blood, Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Building, Gathering, PVP etc.

Base Building - Construct buildings, forts, castles, palisades, battlements and other strategic structures to help protect your settlements from attack.

Player Skills – Players have a wide choice of skills they can level (may or may not limit the amount they can learn).

  • Character Progression – Level up by gaining experience points.  By leveling you will gain skill points and talent points which you can spend on stats and talents.
  • Order – Maintain order by arresting wanted criminals and guarding settlements.
  • Lock Picking – Pick locks within your skill range.
  • Sneaking – Sneak to reduce the noise you make and also to reduce your visibility.
  • Knockout Blow – Knock out unaware players and npcs.
  • Backstab – Damage multiplier for stealth attacks.
  • Awareness – You ability to sense things around you such as people sneaking.
  • More TBA

Trade Skills – Level up your trade skills and sell
your produce for coin.  Sell goods on the market until you can afford to buy or rent a shop in the commercial district.

  • Mining
  • Wood Cutting
  • Black Smithing
  • Enchanting
  • Jewel Crafting
  • Gem Cutting
  • Engineering
  • Skinning
  • Leather Working
  • Clothier
  • Alchemy
  • Brewing
  • Architect
  • Scribe
  • Farming

Settlements – Settlements will be focal points in the world.  They are created by players and the founder is in charge.  You can accept or decline new citizenship requests.

  • Name – Name your settlement.
  • Level – Settlements level up and when they do your territory expands.  Settlements start out as Villages, then progress to become Towns, Cities and finally a City-State, e.g. Village -> Town -> City -> City-State.  If your territory expands and that area is already someone elses, it will remain their’s unless you conquer it or merge through an alliance.
  • Experience – Settlements gain experience allowing them to level.  Experience is gained by the actions of citizens e.g. a citizen cutting wood or doing other types of labour within their settlement's territory.
  • Technology Points – Unlock new technologies which are not available outside of settlements.  Sell advanced technology and  weapons to settlements that have a lower level of technology.
  • Laws – Set laws, forbid certain acts, ban certain items.
  • Alliances – Create trade deals, peace treaties or merge with other settlements.
  • Enemies – Wage war, Ransom Important Prisoners, Conquer and take over other territories.
  • Economy – Real world economy, buy low and sell high at other settlements, shops, markets and auction houses.
  • Currency – Trade, Coins, Exchange Rates between different countries.
  • Taxes – Set tax rates.  Grow wealthy and become a large City.
  • Titles & Roles – Assign citizens roles and award them titles.
  • Citizens – Citizens work and pay you taxes when inside your territory.  Dual/multi citizenships will also be possible.
  • NPC Guards – Employ guards to help protect your settlement, setup guard stations and patrol routes.
  • Market Place - Designated area to rent a market stall to sell your wares.
  • Residential Housing – Rent or buy existing properties inside settlements.
  • Commercial Building – Setup your own shop or even auction houses.
  • Farming/Industrial Buildings – Keep noisey, smelly air polluting farms/buildings away from your residents and shops.

Game Engine:

  • Engine – Unity3D



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